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  • The betterment of society is not a job to be left to a few.

    It’s a responsibility to be shared by all.

  • Purpose puts humanity bacbelieve that small actions, multiplied by many people

    can make a genuine difference in the worldk into the workplace.

  • Even if you fail in doing something ambitious,

    you usually succeed in doing something important.

  • Believe that small actions, multiplied by many people,

    can make a genuine difference in the world.

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18th February, 2023 | Taj Lands End, Mumbai

To groom social entrepreneurship, building a culture of innovation is the key. The social issues in urban areas globally are getting more serious and alike. It's worth our time to think about social innovation ideas together and share experience along the road.

To pathway for a sustainable development of social innovation culture in the region, we would like to initiate the discussion by promoting social. The Social Innovation Leadership Awards would serve as one of the pioneer to create this new path, and will be your first step to change the world with your simple idea!

Make use of your imagination, and change might be initiated by you in the society!

You too can bring about a Social Revolution!

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