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Dr. R. L. Bhatia

With Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam, President Of The Republic Of Singapore At Singapore International Water Week 2016.



The increased pressure on the cities due to increased numbers of inhabitants, an increased necessity to generate economic growth and increasing environmental challenges leaves the cities in need to develop a sustainable way of living. This sustainability is developed through environmental sustainable solutions combined with a full use of the possibilities the digitalization of the society has given us. This means enabling the technology to gather data, which can be used by the technology itself in order to adapt to the most sustainable and smart behaviour.

Enabling the technology to communicate, be able to share the gathered data with people or other technologies or borrow relevant data from elsewhere and make the technology multifunctional, they provide solutions to not only one, but to multiple problems. The Smart Cities Awards will recognize pioneering projects designed to make cities more livable, sustainable and economically viable.

Businesses, entrepreneurs, research hubs, non-governmental organizations and public or private consortiums pitch their innovative smart city strategies and solutions to transform our cities in the field of technology, energy, governance, sustainability and mobility. Applicants are invited with impressive projects that use new innovative technology to engage citizens, increase efficiency, empower sustainability, generate business and improve quality of life.


Invitations for Speakers now open


rlb@worldcsrday.com | secretariat@worldcsrday.com

  • Smart Waste Management Initiative
  • Smart Security Initiative
  • Smart Governance Initiative
  • Smart Real Estate Project
  • Smart Real Estate Project
  • Smart Banking & Finance Initiative
  • Smart Building Initiative
  • Smart Utilities Initiative
  • Smart Energy Initiative
  • Smart Street Lighting Solutions
  • Best energy Asset management Initiative
  • Best Project in Building Smart Cities.
  • Tourist Attraction City Award
  • Green City Award
  • Smart Urban Development Initiative
  • Smart Transport Initiative
  • Smart Water Conservation
  • Best Clean Technology
  • Best Smart City Initiative
  • Smart Urban Development Initiative
  • Best Transport Initiative
  • Smart Infrastructire Intiative
  • Smart Green Building Intiative
  • Smart City Surveillance Intiative
  • Smart Technology for Smart City
  • Smart Health Project
  • Smart Urban Traffic management initiative
  • Smart CSR Initiative
  • Smart Municipality/Municipal Corporation
  • Smart Public-Private Partnership Initiative
  • Best Innovation Initiative
  • Best Sustainability Districts
  • Best Historic City Award
  • Best City for Integrated Planning
  • Healthy City Award
  • Smart City Leader of the Year
  • CEO of the Year
  • Business Leader of the Year - Smart Cities
  • Young Achiever of the Year - Smart Cities
  • Smart Technology for Smart City